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The healthcare market is evolving at an exceptionally fast rate.

In recent years, many physical therapists have undergone the process of consolidating and collaborating in order to ensure optimal levels of success for their practice.

Now, an immense opportunity awaits you. You may take part in our PRIME Management Service Organization that will allow you to unite with a large network of practitioners under one, central organization that will aid in your administrative responsibilities.

Not only does this open your practice up to the acquisition of new talent, it will allow you to reach higher levels of success in the upcoming new year.

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What is a Management Service Organization (MSO)?

A Management Service Organization (MSO) is a specially-designed entity that specializes in assisting practices with their non-medical-based work.

Essentially, the administrative tasks that are necessary to successfully running a practice. These organizations are typically owned by investors, hospitals, practitioners, and even different types of health plans. The following outlines examples of tasks that may be completed by a Management Service Organization:

  • Managing the finances of the business
  • Holding educational and training sessions for your staff
  • Services that cover appropriately coding appointments and procedures, the billing process, and in collections
  • Establishing an office and completing the tasks within that office
  • Obtaining heavy discounts on medical equipment and other accessories within your practice
  • Ensuring compliance in terms of policies, procedures, management, and regulatory rules
  • Overseeing the risk management processes
  • Making sure that credentialing is completed
  • Talent acquisition
  • Handling issues pertaining to personnel management/Human Resources
  • Overseeing productivity to ensure optimal operations

By obtaining a PRIME membership here with us at Colorado Physical Therapy Network, you will become directly involved with a Management Service Organization that will handle all of the inner administrative tasks of your practice so that you may focus on what is most important – your patients.

What are the Benefits to a PRIME Membership with CPTN?

When your practice obtains a PRIME membership with us, you will experience many different benefits. These include – but, are not limited to – the following:

  1. First, you will have direct and immediate access to professional management services for your practice.
  2. Your practice will be able to obtain supplies at the lowest prices.
  3. You will have access to the most competitively priced services designed for your physical therapy practice.
  4. You will have the advantage of working in a large group, which will result in better talent, more funding, and more productive marketing for your practice.
  5. Your practice will develop a strong brand and reputation of being loyal, trustworthy, and reliable.

The Physical Therapy PRIME MSO Model

The Management Service Organization (MSO) model that you will have with your PRIME membership here at Colorado Physical Therapy Network integrates a large number of practices like your own into one, massive team with a high level of collaboration and consolidation.

Instead of operating under multiple tax identification numbers, you will operate under one TIN that is shared among all of the practices that have PRIME membership with the Management Service Organization.

You will also be allowed to contract with different types of corporations that offer health plans and a wide assortment of other payors in the health care industry.

Due to popular belief, a PRIME membership does not require you to relinquish the rights or the ownership of your physical therapy practice.

For legal and tax purposes, you still own and operate your business. Your brand will remain the same and you can still use the TIN that was established when you originally started your practice.

The PRIME membership will simply act as a central-type group of administrators that handle all of the cycle management activities that directly pertain to your patients, your profits, your payments, and your practice, in general.


PRIME is not only Colorado Physical Therapy Network’s premiere, prestigious Management Service Organization for physical therapists, it is the best that the State of Colorado currently has to offer.

We know and understand that this is a necessary component of success in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market. In a world where patients and medical providers are depending more and more on physical therapists, this is a much-needed accessory for practices.

Our PRIME membership opens your time and talent up so that you are able to focus on the most important components of your practice, and that is the patient.

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