As a physical therapist, your time and your expertise are best spent placing a focus on the care of each patient that you serve so that they may experience optimal outcomes, in terms of their health. Ensuring that your time and efforts boost the health-related outcomes experienced by your patients translates into billable time. In addition to this, a certain degree of your time must be spent marketing and growing your physical therapy practice. This will aid in patient retention, new patient growth, and increased levels o f revenue. In this guide, we will outline how to generate leads as a physical therapist.


What is a Lead?

A “lead” is defined as an individual that has shown an interest in the services that you offer as a physical therapist. It is a person, not a point of data. Leads have the potential to become clients and are typically obtained from a campaign through a social media platform, a blog, a contact form on a website

What Makes a Lead “Qualified”?

A qualified lead is one that transitions an interested party into a paying client. These individuals are willing to pay you for the services that you offer. The following outlines the criteria associated with qualified leads:

  1. The lead is truly interested in the services and/or products that you are selling.
  2. The lead has an identifiable use for the products and/or services that you are offering.
  3. The lead has the budget to purchase the services and/or products that you are offering.
  4. The lead is at a point in their life where they are capable and willing to purchase what you are selling.
  5. The lead is considered to be a designated decision-maker.

DATA Provided

When you are attempting to gain leads for your physical therapy business, it is essential that you gather enough information. What good id a lead if you are unable to make a point of contact? If care is not taken to obtain a good, solid lead, heartbreak is sure to occur. You must attempt to obtain the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Title
  • Problem they want solved
  • Location
  • Occupation

Leads Have Needs

If you are attempting to get leads for your physical therapy practice, you must nurture those leads – much like children – through the entire process.

This means interacting on social media platforms, replying to comments, providing discounts, and remembering that all leads want attention and information.

Who, What, When Where, How

When attempting to get leads for your physical therapy practice, you must consider the following:

  1. Who are you trying to attract, who is your target audience?
  2. What practices and treatments are you attempting to offer?
  3. When will you start your lead marketing campaign?
  4. Where will you advertise and attempt to get leads?
  5. How will you get leads?
Target Audience

What are the Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Attracting Leads?

There are many creative marketing practices that will help you attract leads for your physical therapy business. The following outlines these practices and provides a brief explanation of each:

  1. Creating a website – In today’s technologically-advanced world, it is important to ensure that your practice has its own virtual real estate; that is, a website. Statistics indicate that 63% of all physical therapy patients will choose a provider over another, based on their having a strong internet presence.
  2. Take Advantage of the Power of Email Marketing – To connect with potential patients, you should take full advantage of the power associated with email marketing. It is a known act that people prefer to interact with personal emails to advertisements. When sending emails, you could choose the following types of content:
  • Information or news about the members of your staff.
  • Various types of treatments and/or services that your practice offers.
  • Success stories associated with your patients.
  • General types of news and stories associated with the physical therapy practice.
  • Information on specials that you are currently offering to patients.
  1. Search Engine Optimization – Once your website is created, you should place an emphasis on the utilization of search engine optimization. In short, this involves using keywords and keyword phrases in order to rank high in search engines so that you get a large amount of organic traffic.
  2. Social Media Leverage – Once you have created your website, it is time to leverage all of those social media platforms out there such as Facebook, X, AND LinkedIn. Guarantee it that your patients are on these platforms and that means that you should be, too! Do Not just advertise, remember to interact with our followers and develop relationships with them.
  3. Advertise on the Radio and Television – your internet audience is just one audience. Meet people where they are when trying to get leads – this means using the radio and television to advertise your business.
  4. Free Clinic Event – If you want people to know what services, products, and treatments that you offer in your physical therapy practice, you should host a free clinic event. This shows potential clients that you care about your community and are willing to sacrifice your profits in order to help others. It may result in some initial expenses, but it will result in massive profits – in the end.
  5. Reviews – When you treat your customers, you should encourage those individuals to leave you a positive review online. In exchange, perhaps, you could knock a certain percentage off of their bill or offer them something similar in return.
  6. Educate Potential Leads – if you want qualified leads for your physical therapy business, you should use certain platforms to do so. Examples include MailChimp, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Patient Sites
  7. Evaluate Leads – when attempting to get leads, you must ensure you have a way to evaluate those leads. The most popular spots online that do this include Leadfeeder, Clearbit, and INFER.
  8. Convert Leads – Once you get your leads, you should start the conversion process right away. In other words, do what you have to do in order to make sure that your leads become a paying client for your practice.
  9. Learn the Phases of Lead Generation – There are four phases of lead generation. These are awareness, education, evaluation, and conversion.
  10. Automation – In order to make lead generation efficient, you should automate the process and not so it all manually.
  11. Collect Email Addresses – This is a must – a lead is not a lead if you do not obtain an email address. Do not waste a lot of time with these leads as no email address means the lead is not “qualified”.
  12. Engage – It is important that you constantly engage with leads in order to convert those leads. Do not bully or be pushy, but attempt to regularly engage with your leads for optimal success.
  13. Market your Money Maker – to be truly successful, be sure to market the money maker of your practice at a discount. Patients often know a good deal when they see one. Make it a good deal.

What is a Lead Qualification Framework?

A lead qualification framework is a checklist that aids in marketing and sales a qualifying lead. Many uses “BANT”, which stands for “Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline. You may also use “CHAMP “which stands for “Challenges, Authority, money, and Prioritization”. Both of these are easy and are easy – in terms of implementation.

A Problem to be Solved

When attempting to obtain leads for your physical therapy practice, there is one main thing that you need to keep in mind. Those potential clients that you are attempting to attract to your practice have one or more problems that need to be solved.

Determine what your target clients’ problems are and then come up with a way that you will solve them and go with that angle.

Reinforce how you will solve the problem or problems you come up with through the lead generation process. If you focus on offering the solution to the problem or problems, your leads will come. Not just any leads, either, but “qualified “leads.

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