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Colorado Physical Therapy Network is organized to support PT, OT, and SLP independent practices. By providing a group structure to promote an environment of increased mutual cooperation between PT, OT, and SLP’s, physicians, third party payors, and patients, for the benefit of all parties involved.
CPTN Has Been Formed to Help You

  • Increase cooperation between physicians, insurers, therapists and patients
  • Reduce patient treatment time through superior PT, OT, and SLP treatment
  • Reduce overall costs through returning patients to productive lives sooner
  • Find fully credentialed therapy clinics throughout the State of Colorado
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CPTN’s subsidiary, high-performance network: Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA, and formerly called CPTN Prime) is now up and running! The original founding membership roster, however, did lose a few members due a slight problem that affected the globe in 2020!

The RoMoRA model attempts to address cost issues in a way that is unique in our local and regional markets, while also maintaining high standards of care/outcomes and customer service.

Here is an overview:

  1. A single Tax ID makes it more cost efficient for the health plan to pay and member clinics to be paid, thus providing economies of scale to our healthplan partners.
  2. There is transparency between practices in business arrangements.
  3. RoMoRA has a commitment to delivering high quality physical therapy service with the goal of reducing the total cost of orthopedic musculoskeletal care, particularly in reducing the downstream costs of such care. As a group, we are attempting to have measurable quality that we can sell to insurance companies that wish to contract with us, with cost savings to health insurance companies in imaging, medications, and surgeries.
  4. All clinics will have a singular EMR and outcomes collection system, which make the administration of physical therapy service more cost-effective for us and the payers.
  5. This model allows for more cost sharing opportunities that have not been explored.

See how RoMoRA receives higher collections.

Please contact us for more information and membership participation:
Mark Engleman
(303) 757-7004

The CPTN Difference

At Colorado Physical Therapy Network, we believe in the concept of accountability. On the part of our patients,
our members and ourselves. To that end, we have built in a number of unique provisions
that make a real difference in the way we do business.

Your CPTN Family
Your CPTN Family
Mark, Kerry and Tonya

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Independently Owned Clinics

All CPTN clinics are independently owned by the licensed practitioner – with a very personal interest in the quality of physical therapy care they provide. Corporate-owned clinics and referral-for-profit relationships are not permitted.

Clinic Eligibility Requirements

CPTN-member clinics must meet eligibility standards of care and standards for space, equipment, cleanliness, infection control, staffing and documentation before they are approved for membership.

Therapist Credentialling

Each CPTN – certified physical therapist must be state licensed, demonstrate the ability to meet CPTN practice guidelines and provide evidence of ongoing professional development.
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What we do for you:

As an Independent Practice Association (IPA) comprised of 130 outpatient rehab clinics, we work with each clinic as a messenger between managed care payors/carriers and independent practice providers/clinics. We try to ensure that clinics are able to get the most from each payor/carrier and are able to focus more on patient care. All member clinics can have access to all contracts available to the network (unless health plans select clinics geographically or otherwise limit the participating panels). However, clinics are free to “opt in” or “opt out” of contracts due to CPTN’s status as a messenger model system.

What you can do for us:

To make what we do the most effective for you, here are some steps for you to help us:
– Yearly facesheets of updated Malpractice/Liability Insurance
– Yearly W-9 facesheets
– Bi-annual or annual licensure updates (DORA) for each therapist
– Any roster changes:
– Dates and names of therapists who have left the practice
– Dates and names of therapists that are new (Yay!!)
– If any therapist’s name changes while working for you
– Update us if there are any changes to health plans you are working with (add or drop)

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