If you currently own and/or operate a physical therapy practice and are not yet involved in a network, now is the time! There are many advantages to a network, especially if you choose Colorado Physical Therapy Network.

Our uniquely-designed network was created surrounding the concept of accountability. This occurs on all levels – the patient level, the member level, and at our level. Our large assortment of built-in provisions are designed to truly make a difference in our industry. Learn about our network and the rewards you will reap by joining us.

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Independent Practice Association

While we are a network designed for physical therapists, we are also an independent-based practice association.

We have a total inclusion of 130 various types of outpatient-based rehabilitation clinics in which we work with and communicate with on a regular basis.

These clinics are all owned by the facility practitioner. These include no clinics that are owned by major corporations or those that get profits for referrals. Instead, they consist only of clinics that are not concerned with the “volume” of care, but rather the “value” of care in which physical therapy patients receive.

Development of Brands

Our physical therapy network specializes in the development of the brand of each physical therapy provider that joins us. We know and understand the importance of your clinic’s reputation – not only for your success, but also for the success of everyone that is involved in the network.

This is made possible by encouraging all members of our network to look at other members as their partners, not their competition. We collaborate to develop ways to make your practice stand apart, while we join together to take steps to ensure its overall success.

By partnering with such a vast number of providers, you will quickly discover that your clinic’s reputation will grow and you will experience vast amounts of success.

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Communication Services

When your physical therapy practice joins our extensive network, you will benefit immensely from the communication services that are provided.

We act as a communication messenger to payors that are involved in managed care, carriers that assist in the field and with the practices, as well as all of the clinics and providers that are part of the network.

In doing this, your practice is able to get the absolute most from all of the carriers and the payors that are part of the physical therapy industry.

This allows you to place most of your attention and your work into the reason that we are all physical therapists – the patient.

Reduced Patient Treatment Time and Superior Outcomes

By joining our vast physical therapy network, we are able to help your practice reduce the amount of time that your patients have to receive care. Furthermore, it is possible for us to help you ensure that the health outcomes of each of your patients is superior.


We do this by helping you focus on exactly what the patient needs and ensuring that they are provided with that.

Unlike medical care models that focus on the volume of services provided to increase earnings, we focus on the value of services provided to increase patient satisfaction levels and to optimize their health.


Our network consists of only physical therapists that are licensed and properly credentialed. We help to ensure that each member is receiving educational materials and training that will advance the professional development of each member.

Not only will you work with the absolute best within the industry, but you and your team will work to become among the best.

We also ensure that each practice makes most of their decisions about how they do business, while only about 25% of the total decisions stem from those that other members make within the network.

Join Today and See the Difference Tomorrow

If you want to become a state-of-the-art physical therapy practice that provides patients with the highest quality care, join our network today.

You will be introduced to new and effective ways to operate your business and your patients are sure to experience numerous advantages by the decision that you make to collaborate with each of our specialists.

By joining today, you will see a difference as quickly as tomorrow.

Our network has been created and designed for you, the practitioner. For more information, visit our website today and sign up!