If you own or operate a physical therapy practice, a dedicated network of professionals is advised to ensure your overall success. While it may be a challenging endeavor to discover this type of network, you will be pleased to know that a highly comprehensive one is already in place. It is called the Colorado Physical Therapy Network.

This was designed for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. It encourages mutual levels of cooperation between these types of specialists, physicians, patients, and third-party payors. The goal is to provide numerous benefits to all. Whether you’re a new graduate or have had your own practice for years. Continue reading to learn more.

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Why Does Colorado Physical Therapy Network Offer Services?

The formation of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network was based on many core activities. The following outlines why it currently offers services to those that specialize in various types of therapy:

  1. It is a network that encourages high levels of cooperation among therapists, patients, doctors, and insurance companies to ensure that patients outcomes are positive.
  2. The network is designed with a comprehensive database that aids in the location of clinics throughout the State of Colorado that possess full credentials within their field.
  3. It strives to reduce the length of time for treatment for patients to full recovery.
  4. It ensures that patients have a broad network of resources to assist them during their recovery.
  5. Finally, it was created to help in offsetting the total costs that patients incur while working as quickly as possible to assist them in returning to their norm as fast as possible.

How Does the Colorado Physical Therapy Network Hold Therapists Accountable?

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network holds all participants accountable to ensure optimal success. This is made possible through the following:

  1. Each practice that is part of the network is considered to be independently owned. There are no corporate-based practices part of the network.
  2. Practices that are in the network are not those that receive profits for the referrals that they receive.
  3. Each independent practice is held accountable for all aspects of its business. This includes cleanliness, infection control protocols, employees, equipment, and care standards. Failure to uphold the best standards across all aspects of the practice will result in the removal of that practice if resolutions are not pursued.
  4. All therapy professionals that are part of the network must be certified and hold a license to practice within the state.
  5. All practices must meet all practice-related guidelines and document all aspects of their business – including the continual development of each professional that is part of the practice.

Why is Colorado Physical Therapy Network an Independent Practice Association?

As stated previously, the Colorado Physical Therapy Network does not include any practices that are owned by corporations or those that are known to receive financial compensation or reward for referrals. It only includes clinics that are owned only by the practitioner of the facility. This is because the Colorado Physical Therapy Network (CPTN) places an intense emphasis on providing the value of care. It does not believe in operating based on the volume of care.

What is Value Care the Main Focus Over Volume of Care?

While it is true that many practitioners believe that the number of patients (volume) served is an ideal focus because more patients equal more money, it has been established that the higher volume of care provided often results in less value of care to each of the patients.

When the focus is on the value of care, it focuses on each individual patient and strives to boost the outcome.

Volume-driven care often results in one base treatment used across multitudes of patients. Value-driven care focuses on the care of each patient, as an individual. It is customized per patient so that each patient receives only the care that they – specifically – need.

CPTN Focuses on Building Your Brand

One of the most important components of being involved with the Colorado Physical Therapy Network is the fact that it focuses on helping you to build the brand of your practice.

Your reputation is critical for your independent success, but it is also critical for the overall success of the CPTN.

All practices that are in the network are encouraged to look at every other practice as their partners and not as their competitors. Collaboration is encouraged. By joining together and helping each other, all physical therapy practices are able to develop a reputation that also allows them to stand apart. This is the basis of all brand-building activities and events that take place within the Colorado Physical Therapy Network.

CPTN is a Messenger Model System

A messenger model system is the core of the success of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network. The network includes over 130 different clinics. It helps offset some of the administrative tasks of each by acting as a type of messenger between the managed care specialists that are responsible for paying for services rendered at each clinic and the clinic itself. In short, by tasking this directly to CPTN, your practice is able to focus on what is TRULY important – your patients.

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What is the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA)?

The Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance is a subsidiary of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network. In the past, this was identified as “CPTN Prime”. This was developed in order to help physical therapists experience savings on costs while ensuring that the highest quality of care is provided to your patients.

It provides each clinic with one Tax ID, umbrellas all practices under one standard business plan, reduce costs associated with musculoskeletal care, has one electronic medical records system in place for all practices, and provides business applications and other tools and resources across all practices to save each practice money.

By joining CPTN, you are also joining the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance.

CPTN is a Unified Network

All of the practices and/or clinics that join the Colorado Physical Therapy Network are united and viewed as one. As a result of being in a unified network of professionals, your administrative expenses are offset.

You will be in a network that has a high level of collaboration and mutual respect.

By offsetting these activities, you will find that many of your hours are cleared up and you can keep more staff onboard to handle the clients that you serve. The purpose behind CPTN is to ensure that each physical therapy practice is as successful – in all aspects – as possible. Tools and resources are provided to ensure this.

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We here at the Colorado Physical Therapy Network would like to encourage you to join us today. The services that we currently offer will help completely transform the way that your practice does business. We are dedicated to serving only the best of the best within the State of Colorado. By joining us today, you will instantly gain the reputation of being among the best! In addition to collaborating with you, the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance will also be serving you and your practice.

In addition to all of the tools and resources that we offer each physical therapy practice, you will also gain insight into job opportunities, be provided with consistently useful information through our blog, and more! All you have to do is visit our website today to apply. If you would like to learn more about what we offer or have further questions, you may contact us now by calling the following number: 303-757-7004