Are You a New Therapy Graduate or Have You Recently Opened a New Therapy Practice? If so, Colorado Physical Therapy Network is For You!

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Colorado Physical Therapy Network – also known as “CPTN” – is an organization that was designed for those that specialize in various types of therapy. These include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pathologists in speech and language. It is a group that places an emphasis on increasing cooperation among specialists. It is a network for patients and third-party payors. Additionally, it helps physicians and medical specialists. If you are a new graduate or have recently opened your new practice, Colorado Physical Therapy Network is for you!

What are the Core Activities of Colorado Physical Therapy Network?

The following outlines the core activities associated with the Colorado Physical Therapy Network:

  1. CPTN specializes in providing a platform of resources and services that allows all parties involved in patient care from doctors, to therapists, to insurance companies to work together under full cooperation for the full benefit of the patients being served.
  2. CPTN has a large, collective database of clinics and practices located in the State of Colorado that have full credentials.
  3. CPTN includes tools, resources, and networking opportunities that may be used by therapists and third-party payors to drastically reduce the treatment times for patients. Each specialist that is part of the program places a special focus on value-driven care rather than volume-driven care.
  4. CPTN believes that costs that patients incur should be reduced and that those individuals should be able to return to their lives – normally – as quickly as possible.

CPTN Places Business Networking as a Priority

Business networking is a highly-prized component of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network. It is a process that works to establish a collaborative relationship between patients, clients, therapists, and medical professionals. By providing a solid and productive network, new graduates and new practice owners are able to work together to get the word out about their services.

Additionally, the business networking plan of the organization aids therapists in acquiring new customers and obtaining access to the best tools and resources of the business.

Accountability = Success

As a new graduate or new practice owner, you know and understand the importance of accountability. It translates into success. The Colorado Physical Therapy Network places accountability at the core of all that they do. They feel as if this is the core component to experiencing success in both their practice and with patients.

The following outlines how Colorado Physical Therapy Network brings accountability into focus for all that are involved in their organization:

  1. Each of the practices that are part of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network are independently owned. The licensed practitioner is held responsible for their individual practice and all activities associated with that practice.
  2. None of the clinics that are part of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network receive profits for their referrals. Nor are any owned by any type of corporation or similar entity.
  3. All practitioners that are part of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network are held accountable for their standards associated with care, the equipment that is used in their practice, their hygiene, cleanliness, and infection control methods, staffing, and all other aspects of their business.
  4. Therapists are only accepted into Colorado Physical Therapy Network if they are certified, possess a state license for practicing in their specialized field, and are capable of engaging in and documenting their professional development.
  5. Each therapist that is part of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network must adhere to and meet all guidelines, policies, procedures, practices, and laws associated with their practice.

Colorado Physical Therapy Network Uses a Messenger Model System

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network is an organization that is known as an “Independent Practice Association” or an “IPA”, for short. This indicates that it has a basis of 130 different rehabilitation clinics that offer services to patients.

The organization acts as a type of “messenger” between independent clinics and the companies that specialize in the paying of the managed care offered by those clinics. This helps provide benefits and resources to clinics so that the patient care provided is optimized and recovery is speedier and more successful.

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High Ethical Standards

If you are a new therapy graduate or a new practice owner, it is imperative that you join the Colorado Physical Therapy Network immediately. In doing so, you are establishing a partnership with an organization that practices the highest in ethical standards.

CPTN has invested time, effort, and resources into various aspects of the organization to ensure that the highest of all ethical-based standards are upheld at all times. By simply being associated with the Colorado Physical Therapy Network, you will find that you immediately experience a vast amount of respect in your industry.

Stand As One

By joining the Colorado Physical Therapy Network as a new graduate and/or new practice owner, you will stand as one as all clinics that are part of this organization collaborate as one. Not only does this help in offsetting the administrative costs, it helps in providing resources that will allow you to achieve higher levels of success throughout your career.

The Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance

There is a subsidiary of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network that is called the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA). In previous years, this entity was identified as the “CPTN Prime”. By joining the network as a new graduate and/or practice owner, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a part of this specialized network, too! The following outlines the advantages of being part of the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance:

  1. You will experience comprehensive cost savings while successfully being able to provide high-quality care to your patients.
  2. Your clinic will be provided with a single Tax Identification Number. This provides an easier method of leveraging costs for both your clinic and the health insurance companies that you work with.
  3. A business plan will be created and the administrative responsibilities of that plan will be handled in a highly transparent manner.
  4. All aspects of musculoskeletal care are reduced by being part of the network. This includes imaging, medications, surgeries, and other aspects of the care that patients require.
  5. There is one EMR system put into place and it helps in collections and outcomes. In short, this system allows for optimal cost savings.
  6. The network helps each practitioner save money in many ways including business applications.
  7. A highly innovative workflow is created utilizing all available technologies.
  8. Practitioners are capable of working together with healthcare payors in order to boost patient outcomes.
  9. Quality is the fundamental concept behind the network. In ensuring quality, one may avoid being tied down to the concept of “volume” when providing care to their patients.
  10. By taking part in the network and utilizing all of the tools and resources that are available, new graduates and/or new practice owners are capable of placing more time focusing on their patients. In turn, outcomes are faster and more successful than ever before.

Documentation Enhancement

When you join the Colorado Physical Therapy Network as a new graduate and/or new practice owner, you will gain immediate access to the System4PTs. This specially-designed system allows for practitioners to track, control, and monitor all required documentation with just a push of a button. It completely streamlines all of the documentation of a practice.

The patient outcome and patient satisfaction are increased. This is due to the fact that the quality-of-care increases because the practitioner is able to devote more of their time to their patients. By joining the Colorado Physical Therapy Network, you will have a huge advantage over therapists that are not part of the organization.

Connect and Succeed

Physical therapists and other types of therapists must network in an active manner. In doing so, you are capable of connecting to industry professionals and designing care plans for your patients that are of the highest quality.

There are many opportunities for success in therapy fields. By joining the Colorado Physical Therapy Network, you will find that you are provided multiple opportunities for success. It does not matter if you are a new or seasoned therapist, but it is especially helpful for new graduates and new therapy practice owners. We encourage you to learn more by contacting us today.

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The Colorado Physical Therapy Network will do wonders for your new profession – regardless of what type of therapy that you specialize. We encourage you to join us today so that your career may reach new levels. You may visit the website and submit an application. You do not have to struggle to get your career going or your newly established practice. We can help in streamlining your practice, boosting the outcomes of the patients that you serve, and maximizing your profits. To learn more or to get started, visit the following link now: