As a physical therapist, you may choose from numerous different specialties. One specialty that is quickly increasing in popularity is fitness and wellness. As a fitness and wellness physical therapist, you will focus on assisting your clients boost their overall level of physical fitness and optimize their general health. This will help patients prevent injuries and illnesses. You may choose to operate your own practice, work within an established practice, offer services at a medical facility, and even work in home health care. In this career guide, you will learn more details about fitness and wellness physical therapy and will be provided with information on the Colorado Physical Therapy Network and how this network can assist you in career advancement endeavors.

Fitness Physical Therapy

What Types of Clients Do Fitness and Wellness Physical Therapists Help?

As a fitness and wellness physical therapist, you will find that you work with a wide assortment of clients. You may treat those in need of weight loss, individuals that suffer from metabolic disorders, individuals that want to live a healthier lifestyle, the elderly who have a desire to optimize their health so that they may live independent longer, and even children that participate in competitive sports events or specialize in certain types of athletics. You may treat the young, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. It all depends on a client’s individual needs. You may even elect to work in certain industries, such as athletic performance, weight loss, elder care, or with patients who suffer from certain illnesses and/or injuries.

What is the Salary Like for Fitness and Wellness Physical Therapists?

The average salary for a fitness and wellness physical therapist -according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – is approximately $90,000 a year. If you elect to practice privately, this salary will increase. In order to earn more in this specialty, it is important that you obtain as many certifications and as much education as possible. If you are successfully able to treat more than one group of people – such as teenage athletes and elderly patients in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, for example -you will quickly discover that you are able to earn upwards of $100,000 a year or more.

How Do I Create a Good Customer Base?

Once you start working in fitness and wellness physical therapy, the goal is to ensure that you create a solid customer base. This will allow you to experience the highest level of revenue for your business. One of the best methods for achieving this customer base is to add a fitness program, a wellness program, or a combination of both to attract clients. This may include nutritional counseling, group fitness classes, or even a specially-designed rehabilitation course that focuses on certain illnesses and/or injuries.

Focus on the Overall Value of Physical Therapy within Fitness

As a physical therapist, you have a wide range of expertise and knowledge. This will be a solid component to your overall degree of success. Simply place an emphasis on clients that want to experience a high level of fitness while under the watchful eye of a certified therapist. Many individuals spend hundreds of dollars -or more -a year in joining health clubs where they only have access to specialized equipment, but not specialized instruction and assistance. By offering this, what you offer will actually stand out above what these health clubs offer. Simply diversify your overall medical portfolio and offer as many services as possible. If you provide legitimate services, you will find that it is easy to attract new clients. You will be seen as someone that not only improves health among your clients, but also improves the overall quality of life your patients experience.


If you have an interest in fitness and wellness physical therapy, you should network with others in the industry. Not only will this open up job opportunities, it may open up business opportunities. By networking with others in the industry, you may gain access to a larger customer base and the ability to offer your services to others. One of the best ways to do this is to join the Colorado Physical Therapy Network. By becoming a member today, you will experience a tremendous difference in how you conduct business.

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