The American Physical Therapy Association is now promoting the implementation of prevention and wellness programs among today’s employers.

employers now promote wellness

While those in the physical therapy field have known the advantages of such programs for many years, the movement is catching on. Two agencies targeting large scale employers with their ‘DRIVE initiative’ promote value-based health care and look to utilize wellness programs such as physical therapy first.

Employers around the nation are starting to realize the benefits.

According to numerous studies, simply making an investment into the health of employees – in terms of preventive medicine and wellness programs – aids in optimizing the health of all within a company, while successfully reducing the amount of health-related costs endured by that company.

The APTA is now providing assistance to physical therapy professionals in order to help the implementation of such health-related programs realistic for employers.

There is a new web area that is dedicated to providing numerous resources to physical therapy professionals that will aid in making a case among employers that preventive and wellness programs are an ideal option for their overall success and their ability to save money on a long-term basis. It is named “Working with Employers Toward Population Health”.

Essentially, this was created by the APTA in order to aid physical therapists in their goal to create initiatives, implement those initiatives, and evaluate those initiatives to place a special emphasis on the health of the population in order to successfully transform our society – as a whole. This web area and the resources contained on it help specialists make a logical case that preventing noncommunicable diseases before they disable employees and become exceptionally costly is an ideal move.

To date, there are a large assortment of resources readily available that have been created and added by the APTA. These include the following:


A specially-designed .pdf document that provides a unique perspective on population health services and how employers may directly have a positive impact on the health of their employees. This document outlines the cost-related and production-related benefits of the endeavor.

  • A blog post by Michael Eisenhart, which expounds on the fact that transformation – in terms of health care – requires a certain level of reinvention. In this, he makes a case for an employer-based initiative in order to assist employees.
  • There are several magazine articles and guides offered by PT in Motion Magazine that offer insight, input, and guidelines on self-insurance plans and their collaboration with physical therapy services.


Physical therapy helps individuals optimize their health through movements and various exercises. Unlike traditional treatment methods – such as medication therapy and surgeries – this is inexpensive, yet highly effective, and addresses the underlying issues providing a solid resolution.

As a physical therapy professional, you know and understand the many advantages to patients that partake in your services. Employers are becoming increasingly interested in physical therapy as a means to optimize the health of those working for them.

It is our job to push this initiative and get as many employers on-board as possible. In doing so, we will succeed in transforming the overall health of our society. For more information like this, visit our blog today at: