According to large-scale employers, there has been a high level of success associated with value-based care. As a result, they are now highly committed to driving value-based care.Drive Healthcare Initiative

The companies that are part of this recent movement are dedicated to doing what they can to help in reduce the rates associated with health care spending. They want their employees to experience optimal health because this results in optimal productivity levels.

While it is true that health care costs are still exceptionally high, these companies believe that it is 100% possible to increase higher levels of quality and efficiency into insurance agencies that practice in the public and provide private services.

To aid in the promotion of this belief, two agencies – the Pacific Business Group on Health and the ERISA Industry Committee – have now created an initiative named DRIVE.


DRIVE HealthCare Initiative

What is DRIVE?

The DRIVE initiative is a national-based partnership that was created in order to expand the utilization of value-based purchasing associated with major programs – like Medicare Advantage – that have a direct need to reduce costs in an innovative manner.

The large-scale employers that are behind this special initiative have stated extreme dissatisfaction with the exceptionally high costs of health care, yet the quality of that care seems to display inconsistencies and low-quality, at best.

Essentially, the basis of this initiative is that doctors should be paid in a more constructive manner. They should be rewarded ONLY for high quality of care. If these payment methodologies were to be integrated, it is believed that the delivery of care in which doctors provide would be transformed – for the better.

The Management of Chronic Diseases

According to studies, one of the largest portions of payer spending is directly associated with the management of chronic diseases. Most large-scale employers believe that if more effective management strategies are developed for those suffering from chronic diseases, health will be improved and money will be saved.

Those that are part of DRIVE have developed partnerships with medical providers in order to discover medications that are considered to be highly effective for chronic diseases, such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Immediately thereafter, those same employers worked to adjust their share of cost to ensure that their employees are able to utilize the therapies. They know and understand that maintenance health care is generally much less expensive than paying for care that involves an emergency or a crisis.

The large employers that take part in value-based networks and believe in their aim feel that it is imperative to benchmark performance in health care and reward appropriately. Not only will these rewards aid in helping payers, they will aid in ensuring that their employees are as healthy as possible and bringing their absolute best to the workplace.

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