If you have your own physical therapy practice, you may feel like you’re being left behind in today’s healthcare industry, since it’s not a part of larger delivery care systems.

On the other hand, you don’t want to hand over control of your practice. But size seems to matter today.

We’re offering a new option for physical therapists that will allow you to keep control while giving you the size you need.

Colorado’s Premiere Management Service Organization (MSO).

By becoming a part of our MSO, you’ll get to collaborate with other practices, working under a single administrative-based organization.

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The Benefits of a Management Service Organization for Your Practice

Why consider enjoying our Management Service Organization? It offers many benefits to independent physical therapy practices, including:

  • Organizing practices under a single main tax ID number
  • Electronic-based medical records and billing technology will be outsourced, reducing time consumption and expenses
  • Reduction in administrative tasks and you’ll be able to focus on offering the best patient care
  • Combining practices helps reduce economic-based costs for everyone
  • Size matters and help grab the attention of payors while offering better negotiating strength
  • Offers an opportunity for better reimbursement and makes it easy to offer value-driven care to patients
  • Retain your brand but enjoy the benefits of being a part of a larger organization
  • Offers value to payors, ensuring they’re more likely to pay and at higher rates
  • Broader patient access is a benefit, which is also very important to payors
  • Using a single TIN number makes payment processing and contracting easier, reducing costs for the payor, which increases the value of MSO providers to payors
  • Helps offer predictable, consistent cost and functional outcomes for all involved clinics
  • Being part of an MSO offers value for patients by measuring outcomes and managing patient care more effectively
  • Deliver care to patients at a reasonable cost

What We Already Have in Place

We already have a “Founders Group” in place that includes 12 clinics, and these clinics are committed to working towards a quality, functional Management Service Organization. While we’re excited about our “Founder’s Group,” we’re excited to turn our MSO into a much larger unit, so we’re open to the interest of other independent physical therapy practices as well.

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