Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain can help your patients in so many ways. We’ll explain all of the benefits to your clients so you can use these facts and incentives to help patients, and build your practice.

physical therapy for low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans, and it can quickly become costly. What’s the best answer for pain? Physical therapy as you already know. It’s one of the best treatments for low back pain.

You can relate these facts to your patients and potential clients. If they skip therapy, they’ll likely see higher costs due to the use of surgical treatments, spinal injections, and opioid medications.

A recent study published in BMC Health Services Research looked at thousands of patient records within the Military Health System. It divided patients into four different groups, including:

  • Patients receiving physical therapy for low back pain within 14 days of seeing their physician
  • Patients receiving physical therapy for low back pain after waiting at least 14 days
  • Patients receiving “adherent” physical therapy
  • Patients receiving “nonadherent” physical therapy

This study showed evidence that early physical therapy can lower costs for pain management.

Physical Therapy first offers value-based care to patients while lowering costs for insurance companies. It also shows that starting out with advanced imaging for patients with low back pain can actually increase costs.

Starting physical therapy for low back pain early makes a significant impact. It’s even more beneficial to begin a regular practice of physical therapy.

physical therapy first

Even with all the evidence, physicians continue to over-treat back pain.

In fact, there’s an increase in referrals to specialists, narcotics, and imaging. Unfortunately, over-treating back pain results in unnecessary expenses.

However, the medical community’s understanding is starting to catch up. Medical studies continue to show that early physical therapy produces great results and is the most cost-effective way to begin treating low back pain.

It might be a good idea to communicate with doctors in your area. See if you can work together to help people suffering from pain in the most effective way.

Even when low back pain requires surgical intervention, early physical therapy and special education from a physical therapist can help to improve overall outcomes post-surgery, reducing expenditures after surgery as well.

Let your patients know that you can develop customized strategies to help understand and manage pain. Even one session can help improve long-term outcomes and reduce health care costs.

That’s why we promote Physical Therapy First. Insurance companies are allowing patients to seek physical therapy without the need of a physician referral. Take advantage of the new laws by using these incentives in your marketing.

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