Cervical Lordosis Xray Lateral View

As a physical therapist, it is likely that a percentage of your patients seeking help with back and neck pain suffer from the loss of cervical lordosis. In many cases, this is referred to as the “reversal cervical lordosis”.

This diagnosis indicates that there is an evident abnormal straightening and/or bow in the opposite direction that is considered to be the norm.

Healthy spines have a cervical spine that resemble a wide-shaped letter “C”. The “C” shape points towards the back region of the neck. If this starts to straighten, curve up, or bows in the opposite direction, cervical kyphosis develops. The cervical curve aids in the stabilization of both the head and the spine.

Instead of heading directly for surgical options, spinal care doctors are looking toward physical therapy. When it comes to value-based care, this is the ideal option.

Causes of Loss of Cervical Lordosis

Doctors that specialize in spine health must make an attempt to uncover the cause to ensure that a patient gets the right treatment. In some cases, the deformity is simply inherited. In other instances, an injury or some degree of trauma could result in the loss of cervical lordosis. Other potential culprits include stress, neck strain, obesity, thinning of bone tissue, and improper posture. If the condition is caught in its earliest stages, there are a number of treatment options available. The most productive of these options is physical therapy.

Physical Therapy is Considered a Top Option for Treatment of Cervical Lordosis

Physical Therapy for Loss of Cervical Lordosis

At one point in time, networks provided each patient with the same types of tests and treatments – even if they were not necessary.

Today, through value-based networks, treatment plans are customized according to a patient’s needs.

As a physical therapist, you will become familiar with each patient’s unique situation. This includes the likely cause of the condition as well as the symptoms that are being experienced.

Value-based network care is an emerging trend within the healthcare industry. We work to help everyone see Physical Therapy as valuable and any other medical profession. And things are changing. With new healthcare laws, direct access to Physical Therapy services is available without a doctor’s referral.

The treatments offered within a value-based network provide patients with customized care that costs less and results in more productive outcomes. Health services are not duplicated. The loss of cervical lordosis within the c-spine of the body could result in an immense number of challenges to patients.

By offering physical therapy, the loss could be reversed and the patient’s overall health and comfort levels could be enhanced tremendously. To learn more about value-based care, visit the following link today: https://coloradophysicaltherapynetwork.com/value-based-care-for-lower-long-term-costs/