Do you own, operate or manage a rehabilitation specialty practice such as physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech pathology? There are many advantages to joining a network – especially one with a comprehensive focus on total care, value-based networks, bundled payments, or alternate payment methodologies.

rehabilitation network

A network is designed to provide groups, organizations, and independent practices that offer rehabilitative services to patients. This group-based structure allows for the promotion of cooperation between specialists, primary care providers, payors, and patients to – ultimately – provide benefits to all involved. In this brief analysis, we will expound on the top 3 benefits associated with network membership.

Independent Ownership

A network does not permit clinics and practices that are owned by corporations. It does not permit relationships with groups or organizations that refer for the purpose and intent of profit, either.

In fact, when your clinic or practice elects to join the network, it retains independent ownership by the practitioner that is licensed within your organization.

The network encourages the independent owner to place their focus on ensuring quality total care to each of their patients. Independent ownership is, perhaps, one of the largest benefits associated with joining a network.

Membership Approval Only

The next benefit associated with joining a network is the fact that the group has a set standard in place for members to be approved. There are several different types of eligibility requirements that are put in place to ensure that each aspect of the network is solid.

Practitioners must be determined to practice a certain standard of the care that they provide patients. Certain requirements must be met in terms of how the space of a clinic or practice is used, the equipment utilized, as well as the cleanliness of the clinic and/or practice. Furthermore, staffing requirements are strict and all documentation is reviewed prior to approval.

This means that when you join a network, you can rest assured that you are joining a high-quality group of quality total care providers.


The third benefit associated with joining a network is that each therapist that is part of the group is licensed by the state and have the proper credentialing for their practice. This ensures that every single member of the network has demonstrated the unique ability to meet the standards – as set forth by the network. Furthermore, the total care network is designed to encourage each of its professionals in pursuing higher-learning and professional development.

If you are ready to put your practice into first place in terms of total care, quality care, and customer care, the Colorado Physical Therapy Network is the way to go! Finally, you will be part of a group that only includes the best of the best, considers your best, and looks out for the best interests of your patients.

Despite its name, our network is designed for rehabilitative services professionals.

If you specialize in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech language pathology, join us today: