Colorado Physical Therapy Network Announces Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA) to Streamline Payor Relationships to Ensure Patient Care is Priority

We here at Colorado Physical Therapy Network know and understand the importance of placing patient care first as a therapist. We work each day to not only improve the bodies of those that we treat, but to enhance their quality of life.

Each year, billions of dollars is spent treating musculoskeletal-based conditions. Most of this cost is incurred because payors encourage the utilization of a “one-size-fits-all” model to treating patients, instead of an individualizes care plan involving evidence-based results that may be measured.

By creating the Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance, we move to encourage custom treatments for our patients and in developing partnerships with our payors. Patient care should be the focus of all we do, not payor conflicts and disputes.

The Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance is a specially-designated group of physical therapists that are networking with one another to focus on redefining the relationships that they currently have with both their patients and the payors that have a say in the care of their patients. These specialists are working together in order to change the payor relationships that they share.

Throughout history, these connections have often been challenging – full of dispute and conflict – but the therapists understand that this is counterproductive to the patients. To date, the volume of care has always been the top priority, but the therapists in this network know and understand that the true value of quality lies in the quality of care, not the “amount” of care.

This alliance brings together therapists that have a goal of establishing new treatment models that reimburses payors with a higher level of profitability and brings higher levels of optimal care to the patients that they serve.

It is designed for both the current members of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network and those that will become members of the highly-accredited network.

It integrates the passion of the individuals that work within the physical therapy team, the technological advancements in streamlining that care – such as EMR/billing partners – and documentation strategies that will combine to allow each patient to receive the services and care that they require and deserve.

Money, billing, and similar practices are not at the forefront of the tasks of the members – it is patient care. Each patient is provided with the highest level of care at the most affordable cost.

The members of this spectacular new network are placing ethics at the core of all that they do. They are practicing with the highest level of integrity. They are placing high-quality standards at the forefront of all that they do for their patients.

Outcomes are the main priority.

Just as each patient is unique in their own way, the rehabilitation model that they use must also be unique. In keeping this in mind, the therapists will be more successful in ensuring that each patient receives only the care that they need to experience the quality of life that they deserve. For more information, visit the following link now: