The Colorado Physical Therapy Network (CPTN) is a special organization designed specifically for physical therapists, physicians, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. It creates a group-based structure that is designed to increase cooperation among all the previously-mentioned specialists. Additionally, it brings in mutual support for third-party payors and the patients that are being served by the professionals.


Why Was CPTN Formed?

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network was formed for many reasons. The following outlines the fundamental activities of the organization:

  1. First, it aims to have all parties – the patients, insurance companies, doctors, and therapists – work in a highly cooperative manner.
  2. The network is capable of locating therapy clinics throughout the entire State of Colorado that hold full credentials.
  3. It has a solid goal of helping the treatment times for patients to be reduced by providing optimal assistance through physical therapy practices, occupational therapy practices, and speech language pathology practices.
  4. CPTN is committed to reducing the overall costs that patients incur and we make every attempt possible to offer the necessary resources for those patients to return to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Accountability is the Core of Success

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network feels that the core of everyone’s success is accountability. That is for them as an organization, the members of their network, and the patients.

To ensure the highest level of accountability, the network has created several different highly-beneficial provisions. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  1. First, all of the clinics that are involved in this unique network are independently owned. The network does not allow clinics that are owned by corporations or those that get profits for referrals. The company holds firm to the belief that the licensed practitioner should be responsible for their practice and all associated dealings.
  2. Next, the clinics that are accepted as members are held to the highest level of accountability when it comes to their care standards, the equipment utilized, cleanliness, their level of infection control, staffing, and other relevant factors.
  3. All therapists that are accepted into the network at certified, hold a state license, are capable of meeting all guidelines associated with their practice, and document the practice of continual professional-based development.

A Messenger Model System

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network is a messenger model system. It is considered to be an “Independent Practice Association” or “IPA”. It consists of a minimum of 130 different rehabilitation clinics that offer rehabilitation services. It acts as a messenger between the payors of managed care and the independent clinics.

This ensures that optimal benefits and resources are provided to the clinics and that all of the clinics are able to focus directly on the care that they provide to their patients.

Each of the clinics that are members of the Colorado Physical Therapy Network have direct access to all of the individual contracts that are in current standing through the network.

There are certain instances where a health plan makes a geographical decision on a clinic and/or limit the panels that participate in the program. In these cases, contracts may be unavailable. Each clinic is about to opt in or make a decision to opt out on these contracts.

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The Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA)

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network has a subsidiary named Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance (RoMoRA). This was once identified as “CPTN Prime”.

By becoming a member of the network, you will gain full access to this network, too!

It works to ensure that you incur cost savings while being able to provide optimal care for your patients. The following outlines the general outline of the many advantages access to this network provides:

  1. Each clinic will be provided with just one Tax ID. This helps in that it results in a higher level of cost efficiency for both the health insurer and the clinic.
  2. All practices that are part of a business plan will be completely handled and with the highest level of transparency.
  3. The network places a special emphasis on reducing the costs associated with musculoskeletal care. These costs are reduced on all levels. This means the care is higher in quality, the imaging required is cheaper, the necessary medications cost less, and the surgeries are cheaper. This makes it cheaper for clinics, insurance companies, AND patients.
  4. Each clinic that utilizes this network have just one EMR system and one system for collections and outcomes. This results in a higher level of cost-effectiveness all the way around.
  5. The network consistently strives to save money in all areas of cost sharing and business applications.

This aspect of the network holds a high level of dedication to the technology behind success. It focuses on creating a highly innovative workflow and immense creativity on increasing quality. Practice owners are now capable of partnering with the payors of the system to change the way that the network works.

By having access to this, you are able to spend more of your time on treating your patients. When this happens, the satisfaction of your patients is enhanced dramatically.

For once, quality is placed ahead of volume.

The RoMoRA network allows for access to Systems4PTs, which is designed to offer optimal documentation, tracking, and quality control – all with the push of a button!

By streamlining the documentation process, all therapists are capable of spending more time directly with the patients, which are the most critical component of any and all practices. In turn, recovery times are sped up. Quality of care increases and outcomes increase.

Ethical and High Levels of Integrity

By joining the Colorado Physical Therapy Network, you are partnering with a network that practices with the highest level of ethics and the absolute highest level of integrity.

The network has taken their time and their money and invested it within various types of mechanisms that ensures that the highest level of standards is upheld at all times.

You will be working with a network that exhibits quantitively perfect results. The patient experience is superb and the outcomes are superior.

The respect that you achieve in the industry will be extraordinary!

All clinics in the network come together and identify as one. This helps to offset all administrative-based expenses to those that are considered to be payors. There is simply one entity paid instead of multiple entities, which proves to be much more expense.

Mandatory measures are adopted that are evidence-based and result in the development of real results that can be successfully measured among patients that receive treatments.

If you are in search of a time that will offer you the highest level of success, the Colorado Physical Therapy Network is the way to go!

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There are several ways to sign up with the Colorado Physical Therapy Network. First, you can visit the website and submit an application. If you would like to learn more before making a commitment, you may visit the website and sign up for the newsletter.

You may email the network at: and/or you may call the network directly by dialing: 303-757-7004.

Why continue to struggle as one entity, all on your own? Today, you have the ability to join a network that provides numerous benefits to your practice.

If you want to streamline your practice, maximize your profits, and help your patients achieve their personal best, now is the time. All you have to do is sign up with Colorado Physical Therapy Network now.

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