Not seeing results from your marketing efforts for your physical therapy practice? Yes, you are a healthcare professional, but remember, you are also an entrepreneur. By focusing on marketing your practice, you may attract more patients, your brand may become more established and you can cultivate relationships in your community. Through your marketing, you may also be deemed more trustworthy.

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There are immense benefits to being seen and heard – in terms of marketing. In this brief guide, we are going to outline several effective marketing strategies that are sure to enhance your practice. To be short and to the point, we are simply going to outline these in a list form.

In reviewing the strategies, you will find that they include both online and offline marketing techniques. It is advised that you integrate both types of techniques into your marketing efforts. This will maximize your return.

By putting the following strategies to work, you will find that they provide an instant boost to your overall success:

  1. Submit an Article to a Local Newspaper – The newspaper in the community where you serve patients is always looking for content. You may write up an article on your practice, your services, or even those that work within the practice.
  2. Consider a Health Column – While we are on the topic of community newspapers, why not contact the editor and inquire about creating a health column where you submit 1-4 articles a month? Not only will this give some much-needed attention to your practice, but it will also help build your reputation as an expert in your field.
  3. Create a Website – As a physical therapy practice, you should have an online presence. This should start with the development of a website. This will be the main focus of all of your marketing endeavors and most of the online marketing techniques that you implement will link back to your website.
  4. SEO Content – When creating your website, it is imperative that all of the content that you place on your website is search engine optimized. In short, you will use a combination of keyword and keyword phrases related to your practice that are high in demand and low in supply. Additionally, the articles must provide quality content. The longer the article and the more information that it has, the better.
  5. Contact Your Local News Station – If you want to be noticed, contact your local news station and inquire about doing a short segment on various aspects of healthcare and similar topics. You may do one or you may ask for space on their program for a regular feature – it is all up to you!
  6. Television Ads – If you really want to get the word out about your practice, you should consider signing up for advertisements that run on television. This is a highly beneficial way of becoming recognized in your community. Yes, it may be a tad bit expensive, but consider the outcome of the advertisements…it could drastically increase your client base and more doctors in the area may start sending your practice referrals.
  7. Leverage the Local Search Options Online – If you want to enhance your visibility in your community, you should consider using online local searches. One of the best is Google Maps. Others include Yelp, Apple Maps, and utilizing a Google MyBusiness account. This is similar to SEO, though it is completely dependent on the physical location of your business.
  8. Start a Blog – People are concerned about their health and well-being. Once you create a website for your business, you should integrate a blog. This is a space where you may regularly create content and post it for your website visitors. If you lack the time or the skills necessary to create SEO blogs, you may outsource this. There are many companies – such as Brick Road Media – that offer website construction, blog creations, and more!
  9. Utilize Google Reviews – When servicing patients, ask them to submit reviews to Google. According to statistics, nearly 64% of people will visit Google Reviews to see what people think of the services provided by healthcare professionals. Encourage patients to be open and honest. In most instances, you can respond to reviews. If you do this, remember to respond in a friendly, professional way. Even if you receive a negative review, you can offset it with a friendly and professional reply.
  10. Network – If you are interested in promoting your physical therapy practice, you should network with other providers that are in your area. You may do this by contacting the professionals directly, attending professional events, and even creating incentives for referrals.
  11. Online Appointments – If you would like access to more patients, make sure that you offer online booking for appointments on your website. This gives patients the freedom to set up appointments on their own without having to go through a network to receive a referral. Most states no longer require a physician referral for physical therapy services, but many patients do not realize this.
  12. Telehealth – Since the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, more and more physical therapy practices are starting to offer telehealth services. Not only is this beneficial for high-risk patients, but it makes physical therapy more accessible for those who do not have transportation to appointments or have a difficult time with mobility. In these appointments, your therapists will still be able to work through exercises with patients.
  13. Integrate a ChatBot – Potential patients often have questions. If they visit your website and ask a question, it is wonderful to have an instant response. This is possible – day or night – with a chatbot. It has been established that up to 75% of all that interact with a chatbot will set up an appointment with the practice. This is because most people will go with the practice that answered their question first.
  14. Set up a Referral Program – If you want to create happy customers that result in more happy customers, set up a referral program that offers incentives. In short, if a patient refers another patient, they could receive discounted services, a gift card, or be entered into a drawing for a larger reward – such as a tablet. People love to win and this is a wonderful means of encouraging your patients to encourage others to visit you!
  15. Professional Brochures – The next method you may use to promote and market your physical therapy practice is to have brochures created for your community. You may give these to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, doctor offices, and others in the community. Not only does this help in encouraging patients to visit your practice, but it is helpful in building your brand. You may also mail out these brochures and put copies of them on your website and other online sites where you market to your target audience.
Physical Therapy Patients

What is Patient-Centered Marketing?

Patient-centered care is now considered to be the most productive care model in the healthcare industry. It is quickly taking off as it allows patients to be at the front of the care that they receive and the decisions that have a direct impact on their health.

To achieve success in marketing your physical therapy practice, it is important that you market directly to patients.

It does not matter which marketing strategy you utilize, if you place the patient at the center of your marketing efforts, you will find that you get larger returns.

The Value Proposition is Essential

Carefully consider your physical therapy practice and determine where you are strong and where you are weak. This will allow you to determine exactly what you are capable of offering. Once you determine this, you may then market that.

One of the best ways to evaluate your performance is to collect and track the outcome data of the patients that you have previously assisted.

This will quickly allow you to see where you excel. You should then make sure that all of your marketing endeavors go into that which you are 100% confident. As you offer those services to future patients, the future outcomes your practice has will continue to lend to its overall success.

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