Treating Patients with Pelvic Floor Regimens in your Physical Therapy Practice Can Assist Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Nerve and muscular function are the basis to achieving and maintaining a healthy erection; therefore, by offering pelvic floor regimens in your physical therapy practice, you can assist men in overcoming the challenges, complications, and embarrassment of erectile dysfunction.

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Basic Statistics

Erectile dysfunction is a common and increasingly prevalent complication among males in the United States. According to statistics, a total of 5% of all men experience complete dysfunction when it comes to the ability to achieve an erection by the time that they are age 40. By the age of 70, this increases to a total of 15%. While the condition can occur at any age, it is most common among older men due to the natural aging process, the increased likelihood of developing health conditions, and the use of medications to manage those illnesses.

The US Census Bureau has established that over 12 million that are as young as 40 or as old as 79 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. As a physical therapist, you can now help these sufferers overcome their issue by offering pelvic floor exercise and strengthening regimens.

The Definition

The term “erectile dysfunction” can include various conditions associated with the sexual functioning and/or the reproductive health of a male. Generally speaking, it is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is strong enough and last long enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

An erection is a complex process. It involves multiple components of the body.

These include the brain, the muscles, the nerves, the circulation of the blood, and the hormones. If there is interference among any of these components, erectile dysfunction may occur.

One of the most common areas of interference include the pelvic floor muscles. By offering a program to your physical therapy patients that places a special emphasis on the development of the pelvic floor muscles, you could assist many men in overcoming the challenges of erectile dysfunction.


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The Ischiocavernosus Muscles

When offering a physical therapy program for men with erectile dysfunction, you will want to place a special focus on the ischiocavernosus muscles. These are the muscles in the pelvic floor that are directly responsible for the rigidity associated with the penis.

These muscles aid in the compression of the penile-based crus during the development of an erection. Furthermore, the contraction of these particular muscles helps in establishing the position for intercourse. They also help in impeding the blood return or circulation from the corpus cavernosum pressure.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Creating a Pelvic Floor Program for Men at Your Practice

If you want to assist men in overcoming erectile dysfunction, you should create a pelvic floor program at your physical therapy practice that includes exercises that improve motion, those that promote the mobilization of the soft tissues, exercises that help strengthen and develop the ischiocavernosus muscles, informing men of lifestyle adjustments that can help them overcome ED, and patient education.

It is also important to connect with other physical therapists to learn about their pelvic floor programs for men.

Join a supportive network that will help you assist the men in your community in overcoming the complications and embarrassment of erectile dysfunction.

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